Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day 2009

This is my brother and his son at our house on fathers day. Who has more hair???

This is my wonderful hubby. Don't he look low at the table... On fathers day he is sitting on a outside chair, buttt he is at the head of the table... This is dinner I made for Him and Dad. Happy Fathers Day Honey.

Here is my daddy waiting patiently for us all to get seated. Yes he ate more than that great tasting grilled chicken. Look even a big frosted mt. dew. Dad is my buddy, Sometimes we are so much alike it is scarey.. This is my 44th fathers day with my Dad. Love you Dad.

We pretty much hung around the house and relaxed for the day. Mr T got up and had his coffee and went out to moe and work in the yard. Yes that is relaxing to him and I we enjoy being outside at home either sitting outside on the patio or on our chairs on the front porch. So when Dad got home from church I started breakfast and Dad went out to moe the front yard. We had a nice breakfast when they were finished. then we just hung out reading paper or sitting out. Later Mr.T and Dad took a ride with our corvette and brought desert home and I got dinner going we ate and Then my brother stopped by for alittle bit and then we had dessert. And that was our Father's day very relaxed.

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Miss Sara said...

Awww, happy fathers day Uncle Mike! We had a good fathers day here too :) Miss you!