Sunday, June 21, 2009


This is where it all began , with the two of us in the middle. Suzie and I over 30 years ago we became friends (I was the adopted #4 daughter) of Mr. and Mrs. B. Now here we are with our hubby's. It was a very humid day, but thank our Lord the rain held off till we were litterly getting ready to leave for the day. That was a wonderful blessing to give us such a wonderful day. If you notice some bloatyness.....we just finished a fabulous dinner at Der Dutchman. We ate family style and had pan fried chicken, roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad bar, stuffing, rolls and butter along with yummy apple butter and cream corn...we weren't finished yet there was dessert .... You are saying no way.... but of course we said yes and all ordered pie. three got strawberry, one dutch apple , one peanut butter, one pecan praline, and a butterscotch, along with two rasberry vannilla cream thats what Ron and I got it was soooo good. Needless to say we all needed to walk home not drive....

This was my little buddy Ronnie I kept getting his picture with his pie and he was laughing so hard at me...Let me tell you his daddy fixed his plate for him and he gave Ronnie alot of food and he just ate away...

This was our group at the end of the day right before we sat down and ate our meal. Do we look hot and tired and hungrey??? I said lets head to EAT and we all said YES... it was around 5:00pm by then and Ron had to go to work that night after our long day, plus he still needed to drive 2 1/2 hours home to Pa. What a man he is ( I filled him up at the restaurant with meat and carbs and sugar) He loved it.

Well here is thee buggy ride, is this not what comes to mind when you think amish? This what Anna and Ronnie waited all day for. (So were Autumn and Sara and Suzie if true was known) Their horses name was Shirley. And the little old man that took them was so very nice to each of them and we sat on the bench with him and talked when they got back. Sara and Autumn would have much perfered to have just went horseback riding like last week. They are growing up so fast.

So as I have said before we finally found an antique store and it was full of antiques. I used to collect a crystal pattern called Eternally Yours when I lived in Pa. after I got married.
so I went looking to see what I could find, no luck with my crystal but from the sounds of it Megan wanted it all. She is shopping and adding to her HOPE chest. Whoever that guy will be, he will be one blessed guy, I should have said gentleman. Any ways here is my Hubby looking at old record albums, while my lovely daughter is picking up a 45 record and saying what is this!!! Well that was our day trip we took together as family minus my 16 year old that was home taking summer gym so he could take an extra class during the school year. We sure missed you my son. Amish country has always been so relaxing and peaceful to me> I love the drive down there and love the rolling hills and the simple life of it all. It sure is nice to get away from it all and only have to go about 45 minutes from home.

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