Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer is here

Just sitting here tonight thinking summer is here. It was a gorgous day today, picture perfect. I was outside most of the day and evening, I really enjoy my yard with the flower gardens. My children are out now, that gets kind of sad with the more independed they are. Michael is at a friends and was at his brother Joe's graduation party, we were suppossed to go but we didn't Michael took the card with him on behalf of our family. Wow friends of Michaels graduating, how time fly's and you can not go back. My Autumn is with her friend spending the night at their cabin down on the lake, it is about 1 hour south of here. Her and Lauren have been friends since they could go outside and play. Lauren is our neighbor, and they are a godly pleasant family. Laurens dad is a doctor and I feel for him tonight and tomorrow while Autumn is with him, she hurt her big toe!!!! She will have Mr. P. check it every 5 minutes...I do miss them while they are away. Needless to say it is 9:30 p.m. and our home is very quiet. So I quess I will take advantage of it and catch up on some rest..

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Miss Sara said...

LOL, that sounds just like Autumn! I cannot WAIT until she comes down next week! I already have a fun time planned :)