Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Fun Filled Couple Of Days

This is my brother, never a dule moment with him. And yes I
will confess I'm the oldest by three years. I know you could never tell.
We were at my nieces softball game tonight and he is one of the coaches.

This is my niece Sydney age 11 playing softball, she is
the catcher for the team. She does many other things like cheerleading,
dance, tumbleing and she also has a wonderfull singing voice. It was a
nice evening to see her game.

And this is my girls,McKenzie a good friend and of course my
Autumn. This was yesterday late afternoon they went to the neighborhood
swimming pool, first time this season. They enjoyed it. I remember when
I got to take my two children to the pools and we had to stay in the kiddie
pool, now they don't even need you there. Time goes way to fast. Enjoy your
every minute with your children, like they say time just flies by.
So I say here is another season in my life. My two Little ones are now teenagers.
Well i pray all is good in your season you are in and pray Gods blessings, on
all our friends and loved ones.
Tomorrow I 'm having a jewlery party... WoooHooo, stay tuned to see all the
wonderfull jewlery and see what I choose for me....
Sweet dreams and goodnight

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Sue said...

Hey!! Thanks for the picture of Joey! Wow! He looks the same as "little Joey" did when we were kids! Can't wait to see you guys....a jewelery party? Didn't you just have a purse party?! Love you! ~Sue~