Monday, June 15, 2009


How much fun does this look. It all started when I was this age back in Penn. Except at that time it was different girls. Instead of Autumn, Megan and Sara, it was Jolyn , Lori and Suzie. Then Pammy was the little one now Anna and one Boy Ronnie are the littles now. This is soo great, like I said about 30 years ago this friendship all started to only continue thru our children. What a wonderful blessing from God. How we all can have years of time between us and pick up right where we always left off. Now with this new generation, we can be more together and closer than ever. Can you tell I am so very happy, and that this was my second family back when I was this age.. Well this is right after we pulled up to our Wonderful dear friends home to visit and let my Autumn stay for a week with them . Right to the tire swing they went.This a first for Autumn.

Here is Sara and Megan with Autumn, Suzie made a wonderful dinner for us. We had baked chicken and oven potatoes, green beans and salad with homemade blue cheese dressing YUMMMY... We all ate outside on their deck right under some nice huge trees. I don't think it could have been any better outside and so peacefull with our fellowship. Of course Suzie didn't stop there she made chocolate chip angel food cake and homemade custard pudding...I can say it was really really good. Thanks So much Suzie!!! (I know they will be reading this)

Well of course anyone that knows me knows I am very much a PITTSBURGH fan that would be of the city, the people and yes silly of course THEE NUMBER 1 STEELERS!!!!! There is just something about the state the area the ethnicness of it all... not to mention the hills and curves.

We almost didn't make this trip this weekend, both of the littles were running fevers and we thought oh boy what do we do. So Daddy said we better pass and not go seeing that we are leaving for New England next week..we didn't want to end up with a viral infection and high fever. Well that sure didn't make the girls very happy. Autumn was already packed Sara and Megan already prepared uggg. So sunday morning came Autumn didn't wake up with a big skip or smile kind of sadddddd. We deceided to go to Grandpa's buffet resturant and as we were leaving Susie called just touching base the littles woke up feeling good and no fever!!! hhhmmm
So I got in the care with the family and told them what Susie said and My hubby said lets just eat and take her up there...WOOO HOOO YES THANK YOU DADDY!!! I called gave the good newsand said are we still good to come....Well you know the answer to that...So the week will be filled with memories and friendships along with getting my second family back with alot of extra loving family added.....And more on the rest of the stay later.


Sue said...

What a blessing our friendship is!!!! I can't wait until YOU come and stay with us for a visit, too! I'm sure Mike can spare you for a little while! Knowing that it will only be a little time between visits, and we can have phone calls and share pictures makes it so nice knowing our friendship can only will our children's as well. Much love to you! Thanks for sharing Autumn!!! We are SO enjoying her! Love you! me

Miss Sara said...

Hey Aunt Jolyn :)
Love the post, and Artie does too! Can't wait to see you again soon! Tell Grandma and Grandpa I said hello!
(Love Sara)

Meghan said...

Hi Jolyn!!
Love the post! I'm so glad the Lord led Mum and your paths to cross decades later and now your families lives too. :)

Love you all lots!! And now I'm off to bed!
~Love you, Jolyn!~ (Tell 'Granma' hi!)