Sunday, June 21, 2009


This is my dear Megan. we finally got to a antique shop for her to look and look and... around there sure were lots to look at and there was lots she loved. This is Suzie and Ron's oldest daughter. And she is very special to us. She will soon be having her sweet sixteen birthday that we will not miss.

This is also at the antique shop, with Suzie and Ronnie. Ronnie is the only boy of the family with three sisters and mom, well good thing he and Dad can stand up for them selves... Ronnie is a great little guy with wonderful manners and he loves his hocky team the Pittsburgh Penquins..Need I say another winning team in Pittsburgh the Penquins took the Stanley Cup.

Well here are the two peas in a pod!!!! My dear Sara and Autumn. Needless to say they were ready for the horse and buggy ride by now, and they are looking at me like please no more pictures.. Sara is a gem to us also, very livley and entergetic. Her and Autumn together they are a hoot. Sara you are a special one...

Well Daddy and Daughter here after five days away from home. They both look pretty happy to see each other again. We were waiting for the cheese tour at Hieni's Cheese chalet in Berlin.

And last but definately not least the littlest of them all, this is Anna. She was very patiently wiating for the cheese tour and wanting any and all candy in sight. ha ha. Our little Anna isn't quit sure of us all yet, but we sure do love the little princess. She is four years old now. Autumn got to see last week while spending the week with them all What it's like sharing a room, having three sisters, and two little ones, plus little Ty came over with them for wens. and thurs. He is Lori's youngest son. Lori is my good friend I grew up with while living in Penns. and she is Suzie's younger sister. I will be posting on her and her family soon. We will be going to Ty's first birthday on July 5th.

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