Monday, November 30, 2009


A BIG MESS....Oh I mean this looks bad, Monday night and we can't even get to the dinner table, well Autumn and Michael found a spot for their dinner... Oh boy and to think this is just family room and some kitchen decorations you should see the rest of the house...NO WAY...I might be crazy to show one but I haven't totally lost all dignity.

Well it all started on Sunday evening after having a nice birthday dinner at my MIL house for my hubby, this is what I started on as my children brought Christmas boxes from the downstairs. I went thru them one by one by one....and got rid of about 5 box's full so far.
But here I am taking last years lights off my wreath that goes above garage door and putting all white lights up for this year. Of course I'm also watching Sunday night football. he he

Mike has to stand on the top off his truck bed to get our wreath up, I put so many lights on that big wreath a plane might land there!!! Oh no, I forgot the huge red bow...That will have to wait for hubby to get back, He'll love me....

Now on to today a little sneak look of the foyer..

And of the dinning room

Of course our home would not be complete without the Grinch...Sneak look at my Grinch room.

So today is the last day of November and a very special day in our home for the Man of the house...It's my Hubby's birthday ....All my love hubby...and I pray you have many more happy healthy years to come.
I need to get off this computer you all saw how much work I need to get done. More pics soon.
Happy decorating to all and to all a goodnight.

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Sue said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Mike!!! You are such an awesome guy , and Ron & I consider it a priviledge to have gotten to know you this past's to many, many more years of get-togethers!!! Hugs from all for your birthday! (ok...except Ron, maybe!) Jolyn....give Mike an extra big hug for us! Love you guys!