Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Last was a wonderful time. Around 1:30 pm hubby called asked do I want to go to the Cav's game tonight we got 6 tickets...Inside I was thinking no, I have to get my hair washed and .....But I said wow six that means we can all go. He said they are VIP tickets. So I called my Dad at work to see if he and mom would be interested.....sure that sounds great. So I got myself moving thinking I need to get out after all this itching and being in the house. Everyone was home by 4:30 and away we went. we stopped up to meet with Joe a great friend of ours and picked up the tickets and headed to Cleveland for the game. We got a wonderful parking spot and it was a nice evening out.

Headed up to our seated area and of course all the food was free and boy did everyone eat. They had prime rib and potatoes and green beans and salad at one area, Then pumpkin ravioli at another. wings, hot dogs and cheese and crackers along with a huge ice cream sundae area. If that wasn't enough at half time they brought out all kinds of desserts and coffee's you just get what you want sit at tables or take to your seats. We all so enjoyed and of course over ate...
The game itself is always entertaining and fun and we WON.

I'm so thankful to times that are last minute and work out so good and we can all be together..

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Melissa Miller said...

Thanks for the sweet comment Jolyn! See you soon! :)