Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Wow how time flies, I was thinking back to my first concert, how old I was, who I saw and who I went with. It was Neil Diamond and I was 17, I went with a guy I truly loved (so I thought). It was in Cleveland Ohio. Remember when Neil Diamond came out with the Jazz Singer..I am showing my age..The second concert I went to was Journey and I did go with my one and only true love this time at 17 years old.
So all that to say, my baby girl went to her first concert Sunday night with out her mama. Her daddy got her and her friend Kylie tickets to see Mylie Cyrus. I guess I wanted to be there and experience it all with her, didn't work that way. Not only was I not there no parent was there, but hubby assured me it would all be ok, he had it worked out. See I have a hard time with letting him work it out or handling my children (I mean our children). Mom always knows best or so we think or I think, anyway he handled it. He and His friend got 4 tickets 2 for his daughter and two for ours. Now his friends daughter is a senior and older, I felt better. The one Dad walked the girls up to the Q and got them inside while the other drove around. Then the Dads went across the street to Winking Lizard to eat and watch football till Concert was over. Great job you did Dad's and the girls had a wonderful time.
Here are the girls my Autumn 3rd from left and her friend Kylie last on right.
Here she is Mylie Cyrus herself.
Autumn enjoyed the concert and dancing to the music.

I really enjoy some of Mylie's songs also, The Climb, Party in the USA, Hoedown from Hanna Montana movie.

A true memory my Autumn will never forget. They got home a little after 11 pm and we let her sleep in the next morning till 7:30 and then to school she went.


Sue said...

Wow! My first concert was 'Styx'...Paradise Theater tour...remember that albumn?! I was 15. Looks like Miss Autumn had a great time! I'm sure Sara can't wait to hear all about it...I like the 'Climb' and especially "hoe down throw down"...wait till you see Little Miss Anna do that one! LOL But....didn't Miley forget to put on her pants?!

Anonymous said...

I wanna know why 15yr old is on stage in her underwear and a wife beater?? WTH??