Sunday, November 29, 2009


My baby girl helping light the candle for Thanksgiving dinner. This year we had 16 guests for Thanksgiving, here in the dining room we had 6 and in the dinette area 6 and on another table 4. This year our family was so honored to be able to have a guest in our home, that just got a home for himself. See our one guest was homeless 3 weeks ago sleeping where ever and had nothing but clothes on his back. Now he does work, he takes bus back and forth now from his home. It was truly a blessing to see how grateful he was to come to our home. We have helped him get some things he needed like a bed, new set of clothes a coat, towels and other items along with food. This gentleman is 45 years old and had been having a lot of bad times. So to see him so Thankful for everything and when we were getting ready to eat he said he hadn't ate since the day before and that was a bowl of soup. My family and all that was in our home on Thanksgiving day welcomed him like he was one of us...Johnny talked and laughed and boy did he eat....alot....I loved it. My Aunt made a cake and Johnny tried it and he lit up like a Christmas tree Oh my this is awesome he said my birthday is Dec. 9Th....we all laughed....But you know what I will remember him on that day and looking forward to treating him to a wonderful birthday...So as he was preparing to be taken home I said Johnny I'm making you up some left overs to take home...He said Oh thank you Mam...I would love that...all I have is 2 eggs in the frig!!!! Lord God How I Thank You For Johnny and his wonderful spirit....
So moving right along, to this wonderful picture Thanksgiving morning still in my gown preparing our meal for the day

My Autumn took this I was getting sweet potatoes ready for the oven. I thought this looked so good, and it was.

My Mike took care of the Turkey from start to finish. He did something new this year it was soaking our turkey overnight in brine, and followed one of the guys directions from the food network on baking it Alton Brown. It was all by temperature not time. Here it is almost down except some browning but I needed to get gravy made and did this ever give me lots of juice for gravy and Oh so GOOD!!!

Well with thermometer in hand, temperature at 167 turkey is done and ready to rest for 1/2 hour.

Oh so moist. This is first time I didn't stuff the turkey with stuffing.

My Dad carving the turkey for dinner. It was a 25 pound turkey and almost every bit gone.

Thank you all that came and spent this day of Thankfulness with us. But we need to all remember every day is a day to be thankful...
Love to all,

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Sue said...

Thanks for the pictures...I've been waiting! LOL I would love to meet Johnny...what a blessing to you all to be able to show God's love for him! Mike...awesome job on that turkey!! My mouth is watering looking at it...but, I have one defrosting...maybe I'll try the brining method! Jolyn, everything looked so nice...I"m sure a wonderful time was had by all! Can't wait till we get together's always a celebration! Love you! me