Saturday, November 21, 2009


We did it!!!!We finally got together, and what a relaxed visit it was for me. I so needed this visit and didn't realize till they got here. See Susie and I have been friends since middle school back in the late 70's, as seasons change so does life. Through many years that have past without seeing each other or even talking, our God has a way of putting people, friends back into your life for another season. Only this time at this point in our life our seasons will run together not apart again.
Ron, Susie and the children game over for a visit yesterday. We have been planning on us getting together since the end of July at Megan's sixteenth birthday party, it took us 3 1/2 month's. Much better than the 20 years that past before. Speaking of that, Susie and I were talking at lunch how fun it would have been to have been able to raise our children together since they were young and go through our pregnancies together, I guess we were just chatting about life we didn't get to share and how Blest we are to have our time together now.
After lunch at Hometown Buffet, that's were my Dad works and manages, we got back to our home and sat back talked, laughed, and got caught up on everything. In this picture is myself, Megan, Autumn and Susie. The pillow case Megan and Autumn are holding up is one Megan is cross stiching for her girlfriends wedding next month that Megan gets to be a bridesmaid in. It is so very pretty and they are HIS and HER"s done in navy and gold color. Susie is crocheting an afghan for them as a wedding gift and of course I love the colors, they are Khaki and Autumn Maroon color. To think they said it relaxes them to do this....Not me I want everything done yesterday.

Our fourteen year old daughter's. They are so different and yet alike. They both have their own unique personality's and style and get along so well with their God given sense of humor, they just crack you up. What a bond they share at this age when girls tend to back away from their peers and feel odd meeting someone they don't know.....Not these two, close right from the start their main thing they have in common is their relationship with the Lord. I sure love you both.

Then we have Anna Banana...she is 4 and so very full of energy. Her and Lexi had a wonderful time together. Let's see they both got kiss's and Anna fed Lexi cookie's (treats) and Oh ya Anna was training Lexi to follow her and when to stop and start..she called Lexi something like Bandit- I don't remember it,it was a movie about a dog. Autumn also got out her doll house and little people, some bears and clothes Anna had a wonderful time.

Then poor sweet Ronnie he is 8 I believe, Am I right Ronnie, if not I'm sorry bud..Anyway Autumn got him out, play station and some bi-onicals to play with. Mike took him out and he carried wood in for the stove...but the poor guy was kind of bored....I just love him he has such a special heart and boy is he a hockey fan and loves those Penquins...

As you can see miss Sara and I are intense here..she is my go to for any questions or help I need for my blog. So while she was here I saved her sanity and had her help me change over my fall background to my winter background...I'll just say it got to the point I better make a decision on what I wanted or she was putting what she wanted up....See I needed her to say UGGG to me every time I said no not that...well I don't think...or yukkk or let's look at something else....I said I will take that and went with it....Thank you for being so patient with me...LOVE YOU!! :)She is my comical girl, full of fun and life and very strong in her personel relationship with our Lord. She has her own funky style and would help anyone in a second....

Autumn and Anna in Autumn's room..Anna's question coming from a 4 year old to Autumn was Why do you wear those pants...where is your skirt.....How cute..see they only wear dresses or skirts..the innocence of a child, I so miss that, well sometimes... And Anna loves to give huge hugs..I got some real big ones from her...I just wish I could get some of the energy to go with it.

Now, this is my dear sweet, kind hearted melt your heart you can't help but love her Megan..Look at those beautiful eyes of hers..She is truly a women of God. She is most like me, worry wort's, but has every ones best interest at heart. What a wife and mother she will make one day. She so loves homemaking, cooking and all that goes with doing for others. She is more shy and quiet but when she laughs the room just lights up...Right now she is so looking forward to her girlfriends wedding she's in next month.

Last but by far not leased is the Mother of these wonderful Godly children and my dearest friend Susie...How did we not get a picture of us dear friend. Susie was looking through my Amish cook book called Wooden Spoons written by a 16 year old Amish girl in Sugarcreek. Anyway we started laughing so hard when she said I have a wooden spoon and pulled her wooden spoon out from her side has a happy face the other a sad face...she said I carried this in the car in case I needed it....It was so funny I'm sure all she has to do is pull it out show the sad face and that's the end of it....Anyway..are dear hubby's of course were here, and we finished off the evening with the most fabulous cake, Susie made for me, it was a white cake with Dutz's icing...You haven't tasted good till you had this ...oh so good, in fact after eating pizza we dug I mean cut into the cake. We were supposed to sing happy birthday to me, Sara, Anna and Mike but I couldn't wait for everyone to get in the room so we sliced it and ewww and awwwwed away with each bite and forgot a picture of the cake AND the adorable slippers Susie knitted me and also gave me some handmade salad tongs...LOVE THEM..Thank you so very much..By the way Susie, mom walked in my office today... you guessed it... with my slippers on you made me and said these fit me look....God love her....

So dear friend thanks for coming from Pittsburgh to Ohio to visit us. I hope Ron got some rest before he went into work...All our love. We are looking at our next visit from Ohio to Pittsburgh very soon.

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I think it would be wonderful if you posted the poem on your blog, I don't have many visits to mine. I'm afraid that I don't keep up with my blog, the way I once did.

By the of my first jobs was in a bridal shop named JOLYNN'S BRIDAL SHOP. Okay, not the same spelling, but close. :)

Wishing you a great Thanksgiving and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.