Monday, January 10, 2011


Christmas is such a magical time of year, and having little ones around makes you see things in their eyes..How wonderful it was this year my nephew is 2 1/2 fun fun age.

My daughter and them and the age they are..growing into such beautiful ladies.

All I can say is this is adorable....

Playing football with Uncle Mike..I can still here the laughter.

Opening up his new nerf football from us...He said Daddy football....he also already got a basketball...He knew how to catch and throw it.

Look at that face...Merry Christmas my sweet nephew..

In January, I miss all this family time and getting together. We so enjoyed this evening together just the 10 of us.

This lawnmower is adorable..look at the little gas

Tyler went from football to basketball...

Setting up the new Lincoln log set..Grandma and Grandpa got him.

Another look at the bunch of being open, food being ate, talking, football on,laughing...

Syd thinking ummm how about me.. can I open a gift.....Hello!!!!!

This is over at my Aunts...I had to laugh at Sandy the lab giving my Autumn a big old wet Merry Christmas look on her face...

A very special moment for me Christmas morning was this gift on the tree from my Son. He gave me my gift, I opened it and there was nothing in it....Ummm honey I think they forgot to put the charm in the box.....He said nope you got to go find it on the tree...So here in this picture is me finding it in this Pandora sleigh...What a creative way of giving me my gift...Thank you so much my son.

I will end this long post with my wonderful mom God bless her...I got her a new hair wrap for when washing face, in shower or as she uses this to sleep in her curlers...yes curlers...She was using a scarf with skull heads on it Autumn had to use for a pirate costume...Mom yes you are beautiful in my eyes.....

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