Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My cousin and his wife opened their home for our family Christmas get together this year. We all had such a nice time, and for most of us we got to see their new home for the first time, and I got my own tour from Brady.

This is one of my favorite rooms in their home..There is also a wood burning stove. I have always wanted a room like this with all the homey...and relaxing.

My Mom and Aunt...or as I call them Laverne and Shirley....hehehehe remember that show? Please say you do...I know I'm not getting that old...

How can you have a get together with out food..not this family....You never know when you will be caught by the camera....My cousin and Aunt.

Here is two of my guys....My nephew and my brother..Love having the different generations all together.

Besides eating there was a lot of talking and remember when.... going on.

What? Syd telling me it's not over all ready... We will all be together again on Labor Day weekend....Till next time I pray for health and safety for us all.
All my Love Family...

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