Friday, January 7, 2011


Ok This is a picture of our master bathroom, already in process of being remodeled. we started building our home in march of 1992. We did everything on our own except block and brick. We worked on it nights and weekends. We finally moved in with some work still needing done in January of 1993. So that makes this master bath 18 years old and in need of remodel really bad. So in the pic above we are taking out cabinet, counter , sink and faucet along with taking mirror off the wall. Of course that light will be gone. The linen closet you see in the mirror will get a door and thing we never finished. We are having our new cabinet made out of birch and stained a dark walnut color. New sink will be white oval. Still debating on oil rubbed bronze fixtures or nickel...Everyone seems to have the same oil rubbed bronze.

Next this is our jacuzzi is huge..I would love to have it gone...and just make a big door less walk in shower....But there is know way to get this out of the house. So plan b is tile will be gone. New faucet, the tub will have raised panel birch wood front we are making to match cabinet.

New floor will be put down, new white trim around window.

Checking on the tile I want, this is tile A. but the cabinet we will have will be darker.

Or tile C....I'm going with tile C it is warmer and I really like it...Was worried about it all being to dark in the bath but with white tub, shower, sink, and I will use light paint, I should be good.

Of course all trim will be white fresh and clean looking.. Getting rid of Honey oak in the happy about that.
This is a picture of our granite that will go around top of tub and back part of wall, also our counter top.
I am having a mirror made the same color as our no more full wall mirror, it will be a nice framed one...I am so excited...


A Color Specialist in Charlotte said...

Very exciting project! Can I suggest a wall color? Having worked with that particular granite countertop before, try "Stingray 1529" by Benjamin Moore. It's a warm gray (which is hot right now) and it will look amazing if you go with the brushed nickel finishes with your white accents. Plus it's still considered a fairly light, neutral color so you'll have no problem choosing towels, curtains and accessories to match. Post pics when your done!

Jolyn said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment. I wasn't sure with the floor tile if I could still pull off a light gray wall color or if I needed to stay with cream colors..So that would be two different looks. one with gray and nickle brushed or creams and oil rubbed bronze...I will post as we go. Thank you again, and have a wonderful day.

Sue said...

I didn't know you had a jacuzzi bathtub!!!! I'm coming to visit! I'll be hanging in the bathtub and we can have a nice WARM visit! LOL I'm sure the bathroom will turn out have such a nice taste. Love you, my friend!