Monday, August 29, 2011


Wow it is getting harder to loose the weight now...Not because I am having a hard time doing it, but because I am hitting long platoes ...To get this ten pounds off it took me from July 5th till August I lost 8 of the 10 fast but for 3 1/2 weeks I could not get the last 2 pounds off..NOT NO MORE...I DID IT...70 IS OFF AND GONE...
This is what I feel right now...I have got 70 off and once again I feel fat...It is hard to explain except to say..when I first started loosing I couldn't see a difference, only in my clothes...then about 50 pounds I could notice in pictures with my face and neck..But now I feel like a person that says I really need to start loosing weight...I feel saggy and impatient...I want this stomach loose skin on arms and legs gone.
Most my problem is in my core area...So this is where I will really work on...of course along with all over. To those Ladies that have a happy..mine is so flat...Ok enough of this negativity..I'm done venting..I am truly thankful to have lost every single pound.
So back to positive thinking. My next goal is 10 pounds off by October 31st. I will be doing walking, steps, riding bike, weights for arms, floor exercises for legs.
I will continue to drink my water and eat healthy, staying at 1200 calories.
People tell me I can't give up this or that, or I will get discouraged and stop what I'm doing. My answer to this is... I AM NOT DIETING!!!! I am living a more healthy lifestyle...when I choose to take a food out of my life it is for a that doesn't mean if I start to crave it or really want some I won't have a bite or a piece and go on. Now everyone is different on how they lower their weight and what works for them.
I do have to say once I get out of 2's and into 1's I never ever ever want to see 200 and something again...It is what it is why I was and am there..but it is a place I never want to return to.
My motto is now: I want to be the best darn looking 50 year old out there!!! Sorry Ladies step a side my 50's I will be living my life doing things I haven't been able to do in years...Now I do have 3 years to get to this FABULOUS 50 YEAR OLD... So till next post....I am a work in progress..hold on....I got things to do...


CHH said...

Dear Jolyn,

I'm so happy for your!




Samantha said...

I'm so happy for you I'm on a weight loss journey myself, and just started. Keep up the good work.

Jo said...

Thanks for the encouragement you left about my gluten-free experiment. I will continue to post as I go along.

Becca said...

I completely understand how you feel. I am down 67 lbs and I feel worse now than I did when I started this. I have loose skin and my stomach just wont go away like I want it to. You are doing great though and it is working no matter what you are doing!

Carbie Girl said...

Ive just found your blog and youre AMAZING... 70 lbs?! Oh and you and me are in the same "butt" club... I suffer from pancake booty-itis... its legit, Im proof ;)