Saturday, August 6, 2011


Aren't falling off...It has been real slow the last couple months. So while I am waiting for some pounds to fall off, I am adding some different work outs to my life. The picture above was taken at McKinnley Monument...I have always wanted to be able to run up and down the 96 steps and still live to tell about it...The night this pic was taken, I did it!!!! Hubby and I did the 96 steps and walked around the top area 2 times, then back down the steps and walked the lower level once around..It really felt good, well once it was over. Once I got to the top of the steps, my legs were like jello after about 80 The next night was much cooler and no humidity, it was so much easier and we even did more steps...I can now mark this off my Bucket List!!!

As of this morning I am down 65 pounds since January 12th 2011.I have some goals I am working on right now. First goal is to loose a total of 73 pounds by September 22nd. I have a Dr.s appointment and have all my blood work done..So looking forward to seeing my new numbers on everything.

Second goal is to loose a total of 80 pounds by the beginning of November...We have something special going on so that means 15 pounds more to loose in 3 months.

How have I been feeling since loosing 65 pounds? I have been feeling good, more energy, I now get up anytime between 7:30 and 8:30am, if you know me you know I am not a morning person at all...well I wasn't a morning person. I now look forward to my 3 cups of coffee in the morning that my hubby makes. There are days I am up and waiting for the coffee to get that is a huge change. Some of you may be asking yourself why doesn't she make her own coffee...answer to that is I have no clue how..Yes I know I could learn, but then it won't taste as Hubby grinds the beans everyday and actually I may be up but not real awake..
I have noticed I am not having highs and lows through out the day like I did before. Times when I would be so tired I couldn't do anything. Not now, I feel good all day, no spikes of sugar or tiredness.

Today we went to Bob Evans for breakfast, well it was 11:45 am, remember we had to have our coffee, and I have energy now so I got ready and washed a load of clothes.......So anyway I was looking at their menu and they have a section of food that is healthy and gives calorie count, fat and something else. I also noticed sugar free syrup, sugar free jelly packs...I was so excited. So I ordered the scrambled eggs (egg beaters), sliced tomato, dish of fruit-cantaloupe,grapes, pineapple chucks, plus 2 whole wheat cranberry pancakes....very good and filling it was about 360 calories plus your syrup 20 calories 1/4 cup...Thank you Bob Evans.

A new thing I have been reading on is fiber. Why we need fiber, how much we need, what fiber does and what foods are high in fiber. See not only am I working on my weight, I am working on having a healthy life style all around. This is working for me and I don't feel like I am missing out on anything. I am also not having cravings, well except that time of month and how I solved my need for some chocolate was by getting some Nuttela..Oh my goodness is this good. It just takes a 1/2 teaspoon and it taste just like creamy fudge...YUMMY!!! It is high in calories I believe 200 for 2 tablespoons but a couple times a month taking a tad is much better than a whole chocolate bar.

One of my extras this year through the summer has been a 50 cent cone from McDonald's. It is about 150 calories. If we are out in the vet, or out watching boats come inat the marina, we stop and get a cone. It is yogurt and refreshing.

Now you have to be thinking why in the world did you post this picture... And you did not leave the house looking like that did you? Let me answer....I wore this top, yes top last year and it was kind of tight around the leather belt area. So we were going out and I thought hmmmm wonder how this would look now with my white crops....lets say it got much longer since my stomach isn't taking up all the space...So, I am always doing something crazy...this time I put on my daughters wedges (that now fit since I have went down 1 size in my shoes and longer needing wide) slipped on my dress (top) and walked into the family room and said Honey do you think this looks ok to wear tonight or do you think it's to big????? Let's say I got a look that words can't express....

So till next time I wish you all the best and may you meet all your goals you set...

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