Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well it has been awhile since I have posted. This is always a crazy busy time of year, wrapping up the school year. My oldest graduates this year, so there is extra things going on with this. Tryouts for cheerleading going on for my youngest, wow you can only imagine the stress level in our home just with this. Tonight is final part of tryouts and posting the results will be tomorrow at 3:30...Dear Lord be with my baby girl during this time and always.
We are planning a graduation party, we will be having it at a park. the park is brand new and doesn't have a grand opening till this memorial weekend. We are the first ones to book the shelter. So happy my cousin's wife thought of this, I won't have all the stress of getting the home ready or the mess. Praying that there is no rain..I won't even talk about all the rain and storms.
As the title says I WILL SUCCEED!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!! This and many following posts are gong to be my journey as I go through my weight loss and reach my goal to meeting THE NEW HEALTHY ME...with half of me gone.
Why I started this journey this time? It all started with my doctor appointment Dec 23rd 2010. The picture above was taken of me on December 26Th 2010. Me at my highest weight. Me not feeling the best and feeling out of control. Back to my appointment, I go to my Dr. every 4 months for my complete blood work up and get b.p. checked. I need to do this since I had my Aneurysm October of 1999. My counts all need to stay low and we keep an eye on it all. But this day my results were really off and to make a long story short It showed my glucose as being high....What High..not me..see I have so many family members on my mom's side that are diabetics and I always said I may get some weird things but thank God I don't have sugar!!! I took this like hitting a brick wall, thinking ok now I really have health problems..what do I do How do I eat ( of course I knew how since I have been around it my whole life)...Please Dr. S don't put my on meds.. please lets wait I don't want to start this...What happened what changed, that it went up..Just questions after questions I asked..So stressed about this...And this is where it all began...
Stay tuned to part 2...To get you to today...
Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.

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