Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here I am at a 48 pound loss...As I said in another post something clicked and I started watching what I was eating since I was put on Metforman for my sugar...I cut out processed foods, sweets, fats, white flour, white potato's, pasta, white rice...At first I was afraid to eat, I had to check my sugar 2x's a day in the beginning a keep track of it..Then when I went back to Dr.s I had lost 7 pounds..hmm then a couple weeks later a total of 16...and it just kept going.
In the beginning the weight was just falling off me till I hit about 26 to 30 pounds...What happened? Oh no I can't gain this back..So I cut back on what I was eating..lost a couple here and there so what did I do panic..Oh no I can't stop at this weight so I questioned everything I ate. Would say do you think I ate to much, no I better not eat that...and I would bounce from 30 to 35 pounds for 8 to 10 weeks...
Then I talked with someone involved in nutrition and He said you have bottomed out your metabolism..WHAT I asked how??? Well I had my body in starvation mode. I was eating about 800 calories a day. So my metabolism re calculated to help it survive...Say it went to 600 calories and I'm now eating 800 calories...what does that mean??? I was gaining and losing and staying with in the 5 pounds...So I had my metabolic body scan done..It showed I should eat 1400 calories a day to loose..So this Man is telling me I need to EAT MORE!!!
Now this is something I don't ever hear...It got so scary for me...Eat to much I gain, Eat to little I gain...Ok now I am having anxiety....HELP!!!
As humans we have to eat...this is like the only addiction where you have to still consume it... Drugs stop them, Alcohol don't drink it, gambling don't go to casino...lol now we all know it isn't that easy, addictions are very hard and you go through so much to try and stop them..they can be life threatening...But food you still have to eat it...We would die without it...I'm not saying at all it is the hardest to get through...why did I even go here...Let's forget I brought this up...Just to say I have to eat food to survive...WHEWWW moving right along..
So I started counting calories and tracking my daily food and water along with protein and fiber I am eating...and I started losing again...Thank You Lord!!!
I made little goals for myself the big one coming up was at my May 19Th Dr. visit I wanted to have a weight loss of 40 pounds...I worked hard and the day was coming fast...The last visit in Feb or march I had lost 26 pounds....So it was that time to step on the scales....down 30,35,40,47 pounds...wooo whoooo yes I was so pumped.. The nurses were all excited and happy some shocked...
My next goal is 23 pounds down more for a total of 70 by my birthday in October...I have 4 1/2 months to do this....28 pounds by beginning of November would be fantastic...Something big is going on then...
Stay with me on my journey and follow me through...I will be posting my foods, my challenges and my progress...I also need to get more physical in my life...Let's see how it all works out.


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