Sunday, March 6, 2011


Well, it is done as for new cabinets, and trim...painted new mirror faucets and lights... This is a picture I snapped as we had already started but you will get to see the difference. Here is the old mirror, sink and faucet and old cabinets and counter top..See in the mirror no door for the linen closet....really...that is awful.
Here is pic of old floor, tile around tub and tub decking, the oak trim on window and old faucet.

Now to the new complete but no Decor yet..New mirror, paint by Beher from Home Depot called Hazelnut Cream. Also new granite counter top, brushed nickel faucet and new white sink. Our light is from Home Depot also and is brushed nickel.

Picture of new tile floor and our panels we had made for the front of the tub surround. I went with an exspresso colored stain, and raised panel design for the wood.

My camera did awful job on the colors.. This is a pic from the sink area looking to the other end of the bath. we had the granite put on the tub decking also. The color wall is same in bath, the color you see by the tub is most like the real color. Trim is painted white and the baseboard is 51/2 inches. as you can see no towel holders or tp holder... The faucet in Jacuzzi tub is brushed nickel also...I went with brushed nickel instead of Oil rubbed bronze cuz that is what I see everywhere, I wanted different. The paint has a grayish hint to it and the counter and floor has black through it...So more white and nickel look.

Still need new shower door and trim painted around window when it gets warmer and won't stick..

Look as I walk into Master bath from Master Bedroom.

If you look in the mirror you can see my DOOR!!!!! Yes we have a door on our linen closet...cha ching!!!!

Closer look of sink faucet.

My cabinet and handles.

Better view of lights.
So now I need to decide on the Decor. I want to pop a color, but what one. I need some rugs, I want something in front of the tub the makes a statement. Curtains or and Shades...but what don't know yet. There are several different ways I can go...Mediterranean, spa, safari...would peacock blue work as a pop color or stay with grays black and whites with rich brown any idea's welcome...

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