Monday, February 7, 2011


New true lemon YELLOW kitchen towel, target for 2.99. Yep I needed some YELLOW in our home. I even search our home for something YELLOW and couldn't find a thing. So out shopping I go on a search for bright true YELLOW. (Tie a YELLOW ribbon round the old oak tree.)

Also from Target a place mat (clearance for 1.98) and a blue bird 5.99. I added this to out dinette table. The YELLOW in the place mat is a softer shade of YELLOW. Not sure if I like the bird or not still deciding. (Goodbye YELLOW brick road.)

From TJMaxx this floral arrangement was 24.99, but on clearance for 5.00 chu ching!!! (They call me Mellow YELLOW.)

Also TJMaxx this nice warm yellow vase...3.99 (We all live in a YELLOW Submarine)

Container of lemons nice and YELLOW also from TJMAX..6.99. How can you be shopping for YELLOW and pass up bright lemons. ( YELLOW Rose of Texas. )

I placed them in this glass container and set it on the kitchen counter. I ran out of song titles with YELLOW in it, so how about.... You Are My Sunshine..

Now this was my best deal of the day...I was so excited, my lemon wreath from Pier One. Regular price was 46.00 or 49.00, drum roll please tatatattaadada...I got it for 11.98...Yippy!! Let The Sunshine In.

I took my two pictures down and added the wreath above these little boxes. You Light Up My Life
So that is my YELLOW shopping spree yesterday. Hubby came home and said My looks like you got some YELLOW for the home, All we need now is a Lemon Meringue Pie....HMMM
As you can see from this post I need some sunshine and brightness..all this snow and ice has me longing for warmth and sun...Spring please come early...

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Tammy@InStitches said...

lol, you're cracking me up with the yellow songs. Those faux lemons are awesome, they won't rot !