Saturday, January 14, 2012


After I put my Christmas things away, I start with Reds and White's added with some pink...for the month of Love... That would be February...It is fun and whimsical to decorate and add little touches through out our home. I took my glass hurricane and added candy hearts to it and a red candle, I now have this on our dinette table. You can see the picture frame on the table in the distance I do for each of it to coming next.
I was asked can we eat those...umm no...but I will get some you
So simple yet so fun and colorful.
Next is my monthly picture frame that I change out every month.. I took a piece of scrapbook paper and
added heart stickers all over it. I got the stickers at Walmart for 1.00 a pack..I bought two packs but didn't use them all.
This pic is of our dinning room glass and oak stand..I added some red in with the white and crystal.
Now this is part of what I had made for Christmas...I took some pieces out and now use it,
as a centerpiece on the table. It has a wintery look with Valentine colors..So this is what I got started, I now need to get downstairs and get out my Valentine stuff that is packed away. That reminds me I need to get my Valentine Coffee mugs out...Tooddles...I'm going searching..

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Marti said...

Love your 'love' look, especially the red crystal in with the clear and white, nice touch.