Saturday, October 15, 2011


Today was my first day on my own after signing up for Curves...I got a good workout, and feel great and it is a the way the sun is also out...Wonderful start to the week. So Curves is what I will be doing now since the weather will be getting colder. This will give me resistance training and getting my heart rate up. I get and have met some wonderful ladies, and this will keep me from staying wrapped up in a blanket and complaining how cold and cloudy it is outside.
A long with Curves I will be doing Yoga...I have done this before and it was wonderful, the one I did before was yoga and Pilate's mixed..This will be good for keeping me flexible but will also help relieve my stress and anxiety I deal with.
There are so many different levels of yoga, but we can each take the class and work at our own level. Plus we have different things we are all dealing with along with different ages.. So love the mixture of our group.
Last but not least ZUMBA!!! Now this is where I get to use my love of dancing, and get to be out with the Ladies and still be working on getting stronger and loosing inches... The music reminds me of our time away in Mexico..I get lost in it all.
Here again we do different steps of dance like the samba, and different ones.. Some ladies have back problems and thats ok just do what you can do and what you can't put your own move in...That is the whole idea...JUST KEEP YOURSELF MOVING!!! This is what I plan on doing..
Weight update...Let me just say my body thinks it is on maintenance again...I will just keep it going and reminding myself I am building muscle and it weighs more than fat...So right now looking to loose inches and reshape my body as well as continue to loose the weight and get healthier. Can not wait to be in the world of ONE-DERLAND!!! To NEVER return to the 200's again.


Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Sounds like a good plan. Let me know how CURVES is. I have never done Yoga. I need to work past my fear of it. But I love ZUMBA. I think you have a wonderful, balanced plan of attack.

MikeC said...

"Let me just say my body thinks it is on maintenance again." What is "maintenance"? You lost me there

Cathy said...

Thanks for finding and visiting my blog. Can't wait to get to know you.. Cathy

ArtyMarti said...

Just came upon your blog. Go girl, you should be so proud of yourself. My daughter went to Curves, and loved it and it helped her lose a lot of weight. I'll keep dropping by to cheer you on.

Anonymous said...

Why not join the YMCA? It's nice, cheaper, and the whole family can use the membership.